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I'm Paul Franklyn, age 52. I started fly fishing in 1986, with intent to relieve stress while finishing a dissertation at Vanderbilt. My friend John gave me Ray Gould's first book on making rods for Christmas 2003. That gift led to a 5 year tool addiction, a workshop, but much satisfaction, which is much more cost-effective than therapy.  I am completing rod 45 now (7'9" 3 wt), though I slowed down the pace to 3 rods this year due to launching two publishing businesses.  I work in religion publishing since 1983, among the Methodists.  Right now I am consumed with funding, directing, and editing a new Bible translation for Protestant, Catholic and Jewish communities -- the Common English Bible -- which involves 115 scholars as translators on 4 continents (from 22 faith traditions) and 500 reading consultants. The CEB is due for publication in 2011.

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