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My name is Matt Fuller and I live in Chicago with my wife Michelle.  I work for IBM and have been with them for almost 12 years.  I grew up outside of Peoria, IL, chasing bluegill with wax worms.  Probably did not pay attention to fly fishing until "The Movie"  After college, I moved to St. Louis, MO to take the job with IBM.  It was there that I gave fly fishing a try.  Spent several years hitting the trout parks and some of the Ozark streams.  I was into fly tying back then and went down to Mountain Home for the Sowbug Roundup, where I met Harry Boyd and Tony Spezio.  One of Harry's rods was the first bamboo rod I had ever cast. Then Tony took me to his shop and explained the basics of rodbuilding.

Soon after that I moved to Chicago (2005) and built a PMQ with e-mail guidance coming from Tony, Darrol Groth, and the list.  After that I spent about 6 months building forms, then another year building my first hex rod.  I have 5 rods complete, and a couple on the bench.  I have no interest in making this anything more than a hobby.  I am perfectly happy putzing around with it when the mood strikes.

I have been going to Grayrock for a few years now and intend to continue the trend.  I also try to make it to Colorado every other year to fish with a buddy who lives out there. 

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