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I wasn't going to add my info because as yet I've not sliced one single bit of cane. So, I'm so not worthy...

After reading some I thought I should do an intro. I have just (JUST - a couple days ago!) left my job of 30 yrs. I'm 59 yrs. old, live just north of Mpls., MN. and have been happily married for 30 yrs. We have two sons, both presently in college and...running a constant drain on my dwindling accounts. Wonderful kids, wonderful wife. I'm very fortunate.

I have a couple of other hobbies that have interfered with the rodmaking startup just yet. One being a newfound acoustic blues guitar interest that's taking a lot of my time and interests. I think it always will but I'll try not to let it stifle the cane-cutting.

Another longtime hobby is furniture making and I've had that craze since getting  out of high school!  That branched out (no pun) to buying trees "on the stump", walnuts, cherry, butternuts and cutting them down, hauling them to a friend w/a bandsaw mill and subsequent kiln and air drying interests. I have many, many board feet of each at home and made all my household furniture. Then this flyfishing thing took hold know the rest of the story!

I've read Clarks enough to garner myself a handful of rods, enough to get sucked into the wonderful world of bamboo via the pictures of the rods everyone sends in. It's because of the furniture making thing that the interest in canes began. Rodmaking is more "jewelry making" than my furniture and it's those pictures that just get to me! Many of you guys do some really outstanding pieces of craftsmanship.

I've bought some culms, a used form, getting a binder shipped which will arrive in a few days. While also enjoying a woodworking hobby, I indulged a bit in (cough, cough) some plane purchases. Got a few L/N (grooved) and a few Stanley 9 1/2's from _bay back when I had some ready cash.  I'll see which I prefer in time. I also found a huge HUGE (5/8" x 5 x 17") hard Arkansas stone that I bought and sent to the folks who mine Novaculite in Arkansas. They took the stone in and lapped it flat on both sides for me for a minimal price. I hope to use it to sharpen. It's an incredible rock!!!

Speaking of sharpening, I thought I knew how to sharpen before I met you rodmakers. Another lesson in humility! I have much to learn.

I hope to begin soon. I keep putting off. I think I'm a bit afraid to start! Right now this guitar has me and I'm trying to break away from that. I will, soon.

This list has been a fine, fine read and we have such a varied bunch of readers from all over the world. I consider myself lucky to be here. I also agree with Stephen Dugmore from Africa, it doesn't hurt to enjoy other topics of everyones interest as this is a sharing community, as long as it's within reason. There's more to life than my favorite 5 wt...

I'd love to shake some hands in the future.

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