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I am Rick Hodges, a relative newcomer to the list having joined just 2 years ago. I am a life long resident of eastern Washington and love to spend my summers chasing native cutthroat trout in the mountain streams of Idaho.   After spending months making forms, a binder, and an oven I finally got started on the rods last winter.  #4 is currently waiting for glue if I can get the shop temperature up a bit.  I am a 63 year young retired somewhat anal perfectionist mechanical engineer who loves fly fishing and can't resist a challenge.  Especially if it involves a mixture of hand craftsmanship, precision, and a little math.  Previous endeavors have included years of hobby woodworking and furniture making, metal working, photography, and astronomy.  At one point I was hand grinding mirrors and building telescopes.   Bamboo rods seemed to be a perfect fit.  I confess to being a mostly ignorant beginner but do post occasionally when bits of knowledge I have gained on related subjects might help someone.  I will be eternally grateful to the kind folks on this list who have freely shared their knowledge and experience.  Without them the road would be long indeed. So far I have not been able to attend any of the gatherings but hope to do so in the near future and meet some of you in person.

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