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I'm David Kemp of Hazel Green, WI  (SW corner of the state).  Fish SW WI, IA and occasionally SE MN driftless area streams for trout and some smallmouth as well.  Started accumulating tools in 2001 and made my forms, binder and oven finally in winter of 2007-8.  Put together 4 rods in 2008 and 4 this year. I used Wayne’s book and also Maurer and his collaborator's book.   I have been mostly reading posts during the past 2 years and have been encouraged especially by Joe Arguello, Harry and others videos.  I've enjoyed the banter, even the grits stuff.  I am very interested in tapers, and use RodDNA and Hexrod some too.  Probably have learned enough to figure I don't really know that much! I won't be giving advice about building, but will be happy to answer questions that I can about the driftless area fishing.  It seems to lend itself to bamboo.

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