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My name is Nick Kingston. I'm 35 and I live in Dublin, Ireland, with my (very) understanding wife, Alison.

I was born in Bristol in England, and moved to Invercargill, New Zealand when I was 7 months old (with my parents! LOL) then from there the Canberra, Australia when I was 5 for 6 months, then on to Brisbane where I lived until 2001, when I moved to Dublin. I work as a Senior Claims Examiner for a well known American insurance company (the financially stable one!)

I've been a member of the list since 2001 when my first question was about swelled butts (of the rod making kind) which was answered by Harry Boyd. My second list interaction was with Mark Wendt about his dog (yes even then he was off topic!), and I'm happy to say that exchange of emails has led to a fruitful and much valued friendship that culminated in Mark being one of my Best Men at my wedding 3 years ago.

I have completed just 1 rod so far, a Paul Young perfectionist taper. The blank was made in Joe Byrd’s basement en route to SRG 2004 with MW and Joe guiding me. It was shipped from the US to Australia where I returned for 9 months in 2005 and sanded back and a hand rubbed finish applied to the blank and cut to size. Upon my return to Ireland I completed the rod and took it to SRG in 2007 along with my other go-to rod, which was made for me by another good friend Bret Reiter. I consider myself lucky with my bamboo rods. I have caught fish with both of them the first time I used them and they are both well traveled, as noted above #1 was made in 3 countries and has caught fish in 2 of them, my Reiter has caught fish in 3 countries.

I have a second blank made at the same time as #1 which I will get around to finishing up at some point, but living in a small 1 bed apartment limits my rod making beyond that. As soon as some space becomes available to me though I will be making in more earnest, starting with PMQs while I make my forms then I'll be going at it properly.

As you'll note from my signature I've attended SRG twice, and I have to say the crew there are the friendliest people I've ever met. Its an amazing situation to be admiring rods made by the modern masters (Messrs Boyd, Medved, Nunley amongst others) and to have that maker then offer you one to try out. I was also fortunate enough to share a cabin with makers who would end up being 3  of the SRG rodmakers of the year. I also had the pleasure of meeting Eileen and  Harold Demarest,  and Andy Royer.

I've made some amazing friends through this list, as well as the others noted above I've corresponded at various times with Tony Young, Peter McKean, Tony (Arkansas) Spezio, Tim Wilhelm, Gary Jones, Unca Darrol, John Dotson and Todd Talsma. I've exchanged rod building stuff, fly tying materials and food with people I've never met in person but who I feel a strong affinity and bond with. If I've forgotten anyone’s name I apologize, its hard to list names and not forget someone.

I'm hoping to be in the US again next year for some fishing fun - Ali suggested it - so I have permission which is even better than forgiveness. I'm hoping to tie it in with a gathering so I can meet some more you wonderful people in person.

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