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I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself.   My name is Steve Krumpos.  I have been on the list for quite a few years, but only posted a couple of times.

I am an 57 year old, aspiring rod builder living in the Phoenix area with my wife, Catherine.  We both love to fly fish – especially with our children and grandchildren.

For the past several years, I have been acquiring the necessary tools and building my shop.  I promised myself that if I was going to build fly rods – if just for myself and my family and friends, I was going to do the best that I could.  To date, I have assembled most everything I need, including a Morgan hand mill,  JW beveller and rod wrapper, a Wagner binder, Brett’s oven, an old South Bend lathe, and even a  press to make butt caps, rings, and winding checks.  My library contains as many different volumes on rod building, as I can find.

I am now working on a design for my dip tube station.  Other than that, all I need is the time to start building a rod!  It seems that between work, family, and friends, there is never enough time to work in the shop.

I want you all to know that I begin each day reading the list, and end most the same way.  I really enjoy all the valuable information you guy’s so freely share!  (I  have even acquired a taste for grits.)  You all have been a real inspiration.

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