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I'm Ron Kubica.  I got interested in Bamboo after I was given and old Orvis rod by my wife's uncle.  I decided I liked it but wanted to get a smaller rod for fishing on New Mexico streams.  I called Steven Weiss who made rods in our area and tried several I liked and settled on a Sir D.  Steven agreed to make me one but noted I needed some help on my casting so I got a new rod and casting lessons all at the same time.  I'm slowly getting better on the casting and with Steve's help I have made 3 rods so far and have the next 4 planned for this winter.  I have recently moved to Woodstock VT to work as a medical oncologist for Dartmouth so am trying to learn to fish eastern streams after a life of fishing out west.  I was just starting to get the hang of it. I've been reading the postings on the list for the past few years but only tend to respond when something hasn't been brought up yet.  With the thousands of years of collective experience of the list members that does not happen often.



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