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I recognize most of the names here! I am with the list a long time (can't remember when I joined, it was two years before the list moved to the current provider).  I'm Jean-Claude Lebraud one of the Frenchies around (I'm not sure there are others...). I was quite active in the list in the past, learning a lot from the nicest guys I can have expected. At a time where bamboo rod making was not so popular in France.

I buit something like 8 rods, plus some never finished. I was too busy and had even not enough time to go fishing. Now I change back and think or restart building again.

I'm 57 old, living in south west of France. I'm a computer engineer, and have too many passions: woodworking (I have done a lot in  lutherie),  bamboo  rods  mountain  treking, travelling.... We recently, two weeks ago, had the second French rodmakers gathering here, in Toulouse. This was a very good time to meet each other, exchange all our little tricks, discuss new tools and to meet again with friends.

I have a secret dream, to be in the States to participate in one of your gathering.

Welcome to newcomers. I have the impression that there is a revival in bamboo rod making, in the States as there is one in Europe.

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