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I am a retired development engineer from the silicon carving business (analog VLSI semiconductors and such).

While I started very young on my fishing addiction, I shot international pistol for some years and have this nice shelf of medals in the office. Nothing really important, but they look nice any way. A couple of years ago it became obvious that the old folks shiver was creeping into my hands, so I returned to my fishing. In going through the old fishin' stuff, I came across Dad's old bamboo fly rod. Not wanting to damage it stumbling around Northwest rivers I thought I would buy me a new one. It quickly became obvious that I didn't have the coin to fill my closet with new bamboo rods, and having spent all those years being paid to ask why-not and then go do it any way, I thought, " why not build my own." When I left the working world and moved from Washington to Arkansas, I built a small shop to play with bamboo.

Last February I built my first rod. I didn't like the action. So I built another, which wasn't quite right either. So I built one with bamboo ferrules, which was better, but not perfect. Now rod #8 is in the drying cabinet. Maybe the rains will quit next year so I can try it out. I have resisted the offers to buy one of my rods... some people have no taste I guess 'cause they sure could be better than they are. I am now at the giving them away stage, so I still don't have a closet full of rods... guess I'll just have to make a few more. eh?

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