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I live in Lakeland, Florida, and I'm a full time rodmaker. I'm disabled and am a single dad of two great children, Gabrielle (14) and Ansel (10), whom I also homeschool.

Started out by selling some of my prized possessions (Guitars and mandolins) in order to get basic tools and materials to make my first planning forms and a couple of rods. I owe great thanks to Bob Norwood for having sent me down the right path and who took the time to make me learn about stress curves and tapers. He is also the author and creator of a dynamite taper program which I recommend highly to those so inclined to have such a tool.

My first rod was a modified Garrison 212e which I use often for Largemouth bass. My second rod was designed by myself and has been received very well by all who have seen  it and cast it, most importantly to me being, Sylvester Nemes, (I designed the rod specifically for fishing soft-hackles, and flymphs).

Since the beginning of my rodmaking endeavors, I've created 5 different tapers, have completed 13 rods and have four on the bench. Like others on this list, I'm available to answer questions. If I don't know, I can help you find out. After all, this is what this list is all about.

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