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I am now 84, been fly fishing 77 years and involved in cane rod building 57 years.  That is somewhat exaggerated.  I bought Herters book on bamboo rodmaking in 1952 and spent the next twenty years building my first rod.  So in actual constructed rods I can just count from 1972.  I am a pre-Garrison rod builder and had to learn all by myself.  I have probably taught over 100 rodmakers and only the good Lord knows how many rods I have made.  I am a staunch traditionalist when it comes to rods.  They are blonde, simple, but danged good fishing poles.  I have made a few spiral rods and a few greenheart.   I am nearly an invalid now and have trouble going down to the shop, so I am writing a book, called Bamboo Rod Heresies.  I have been on the rod list since virtually its inception.  I live on the bank of the Henry's Fork in Chester, Idaho.  Great Water!!!

I was curator of the FFF International Fly Fishing Center in West Yellowstone for a while and a long time director of the FFF.  I love the list although at times I get sort of cantankerous at the silliness it sometimes generates.  Never had so many friends in the entire world as my fellow rod builders.  Thanks to all of you.

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