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So many have responded, some I know but many I don't. I hope that sometine I get the chance to meet those of you I have not yet had the good fortune of knowing.

My name is Bob Norwood I live near Knoxville Tennessee, but am really a displaces yank from Massachusetts. I have fished most of my life mainly for Bass even though I live here near the Smokies I still prefer Bass. Got into Bamboo after breaking two very nice Aopgee graphite rods by sitting on them, both at the same time. After crying a little, I decided that there must be some better material.

I bought Garrisons book and with it in one hand and my tools in the other I started out. Now after many rods build and a design program developed. I am so thankful that I sat on the rods, they couldn't hold a candle to the grass and the great enjoyment I get when I design and build one. I would like to thank the many folks who have helped me along the way, a more giving group I could not ask for. Thank you all again.

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