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Thought I would jump in here. My name is Jim Sabella. Have been following "almost" silently in the background for about 3 years. I don't post -- you're all very advanced -- I just watch, listen, take notes and learn. I've only built a couple PMQs but working toward something more substantial. Tough finding what I need here in Czech. By the way, I'm from Pennsylvania but live in Prague, Czech Republic. I am a minister and Central Europe director for a nonprofit missions organization.

Started fly fishing in 1982 when  my wife and I lived in Binghamton, NY. Bought my first glass rod and fly tying kit at Dick's sporting goods. Became interested in bamboo when I found a book at  the Binghamton Public Library on rod construction. If I remember correctly it highlighted -- with photos and text -- the Leonard Rod Company.

Have learned a great deal on the list and, a couple of years ago when we were home, had the pleasure of visiting with and learning from Arkansas Tony. Thanks Tony.

Looking forward to working with more bamboo in 2010 and hopefully some fishing as well. Thanks to all on the list for your help and advice.

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