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My name is Dan Smith and I joined the list in 2006.  I live in Dallas TX now but grew up in Austin.  I lived in Bozeman MT for a couple of years and try to get up there to fish a couple of times a year.  I built graphite rods for a number of years before thinking about trying to work with bamboo.  I picked up the Maurer/Elser book and spent inordinate amounts of time on Todd's tips site before deciding to take a long weekend class with Harry Boyd in late 2006.  I am only managing 2-3 rods per year, but it is funny how important the process has become to me.  I always have something on the bench, even if I am not out there standing in front of it for long stretches.  I definitely don't post much on the list, but I read it most every day.  My biggest contribution to bamboo rodmaking was helping Jim Royston get started making rods a couple of years ago.  He has become a close friend and we get together a couple of times a month to cook strips and visit. Of course, it took Jim about 30 minutes to learn everything I know about working with bamboo, but it has really just been nice to have a partner in crime.  My wife Kendra and I have a great little baby boy named Graham who is 4 months old.  I am working on a Paul Young Midge to give him when he is ready.

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