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I'm Frank Stetzer.  I've been on this list since day 1.  I built my first rod maybe a year later.  I make a couple rods each winter, with a homemade planing form and hand tools.  I look at the work of other rodmakers for inspiration, not comparison.

I also keep the Hexrod web site. You can check it out for tapers and the archives of this list through 2004.

By day I'm a statistician in the Nursing college at University Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I'm 58 and hope to retire in a couple years.  I've a wife, got 3 mostly grown children (the last 2 are set to graduate from college this winter), I do a little woodworking, read books on philosophy, religion, history and science, fish for trout, bass & panfish in the upper Midwest.  I've been a member of our local FFF club since it was formed.

Sometimes the personalities on this list sling a little virtual mud at each other, over politics or conservation practices or whatever.  I just keep low until it passes.

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