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Since everyone else is joining the list and since there re no grits involved my name is Jim Tefft and I have been building rods since 2000 after retiring from a local university. Lot of my advice came from Tony Spezio during my retirement trip in 2000. The wife and I fished our way to Yellowstone and back from our home in Macedon, NY (No where near THE CITY) covering some 8400 miles and fishing everything from the spring creeks in Wisconsin, The Back Hills of South Dakota, Yellowstone to Elk Creek in Wyoming, Big Thompson In Colorado and the Frying Pan and the the San Juan in New Mexico ending up in Tony Spezios back yard on the White where I leaned a bit about rod building and had fun catching fish. Now days I spend most of my fishing time in Upstate NY, Canada, Pa and once a year to the Keys. I have come  to love the mountain streams of Utah and have made 3 trips there to fish the Provo and the mountain streams. I  usually travel with several bamboo rods and a ton of equipment just in case we run across a puddle that might have fish. I have told the wife if we have the van broken into and the gear stolen the insurance company would not believe us. I have taken to making 3 piece rods since they seem to travel best on airlines as carry on. I'm partial to Wayne Cattanach tapers as they seem to fit my feel. I enjoy the Gatherings and try to make 2 or 3 a year. I'm slowly making my way west of the Mississippi. In between I hunt and play with my electric trains. Retirement is grand.

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