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I'm Jean-Phillip Tessier, 28 years old, beginner from Québec, Canada (aka: French-Canadia ;-) ).

I've been living in Japan for 4 years. Been on the list for about 2 years. 

When I wrote my first message asking "how do we get started?", many of you answered very kindly. Thank you all!!!  I quickly understood the mood of the list. But I would never expect that someone would actually use his own time and money to help a newbie he's never met before.

Well, let me say a very special thanks to THOMAS KEY who sent me 5 DVDs all the way from America to Japan so I can get started on my own. He wouldn't even let me pay for shipping...  Thanks again Tom!!! Your encouragement is truly appreciated.  I'll make sure I do the same whenever I get a chance!

So after watching all the DVDs, and reading most of the books written about it, I faced another challenge. None of the suggested items (tools, glues, measurement, etc) were the same in Japan. I couldn't find anything... So I decided to look for a mentor and luckily, one of the great rod builders in the world lives in my area. After hanging out together in the rivers a couple times, we made a deal, I teach him English and he teaches me how to build Bamboo rods. We've been like father and son ever since. He's a great man. Btw, I will unveil my very first "JP Tessier rod" next week. I'm sure you guys understand my excitement!!!

Thanks a lot to all of you who are willing to help the new generation to keep the art alive. If anyone of you ever come to the south of Japan, it would be an honor to show you around. Cheers to all of you!!!

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