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Thanks for the suggestion to offer some introduction, I first signed on the list in 1998 and have been on and off since then. Don't post very often. Started making rods in 1995 with George Maurer after many years of restoration. I am one of those "old farts" discussed a week or so ago. Transitioning from a full time Civil Sanitary Engineer to semiretired and in the process of moving my shop from Pennsylvania to Maine. Working with Bill Harms on the Marinaro book as co-author has been the high point in my rod building endeavors. Have been using the Arend Mill for about ten years. Unfortunately it will not be making the trip to Maine and is available, but that is a topic of another post.

Have enjoyed the PA and Catskill Gatherings over the years and am pleasantly suprised every time I get on this list that there are great ideas being shared. Also impressed by some of the same names that have endured over the years. My hat is off to you guys for the mentoring that you provide.

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