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I am George Wood and I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am definitely one of the new names around here as I have only been on the list for about a year. I have been fly fishing for most of my life (I am 58 as of November 25) and have fished some very nice bamboo but never owned any. I fly fish in salt and have started the Outer Banks Fly Casters to encourage new people into the sport through education and minimizing their investment until they determine if they like fly fishing.

I am married to a beautiful woman that also fly fishes, is a great cook and is tolerant of my philosophy that life is a continuous learning opportunity. Thus, I have several degrees in biology, geology and chemistry. I am a pilot, a US Merchant Marine Officer with a masters ocean endorsement, have the requisite alphabet soup of endorsements, certifications etc. that comes from a lifetime of an inquiring mind. I am an avid reader but my most difficult limitation has been patience and attention to detail. Thus, bamboo rod making and now reelsmithing. I have no real skill in the use of the tools which I have acquired and/or built over the last year and a half.

I have discovered two things about bamboo rod making:

-most of the tools that I have endeavored to learn to use, remove significant hunks of human flesh quickly and unexpectedly (I have also discovered a number of new use for WD40 to remove blood stains and URAC seals open wounds nicely)

-and that the people that I have had the opportunity to associate in the rod making community are the finest, most sharing, exciting people I have met (and I have met some real interesting people in my life such as Francis Rogollo- inventor of the hang glider, General Popavich- Russian Cosmonaut, the Vice premier of Taiwan, the President of Estonia, etc.) and you are more interesting than those guys.

I am an environmental consultant and have travel somewhat to address such issues as cleanup following Chernoble, the redistribution of Natural Resources following perastroka and those sort of things. Mostly do domestic work now and spend time in my little shop learning new skills as I slowly whittle myself to extinction.

If your are on the Outer Banks of North Carolina or in Boone, NC (our mountain home), look me up. We will fish!

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