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Here are some pictures and/or drawings of drying devices from various makers.  If the name of the submitter is underlined, you can go to the submitter’s web site.


Jerry Andrews Dryer

Jerry Andrews Dryer 04

The wheels are the little nylon/plastic wheels you buy for replacements for your sliding screen door. They are epoxied on with 5 minute epoxy. You must line up the wheels, one over another, so the belt makes sense. The drive belt is 8 wt fly line, simply tied with an overhand knot. You must wrap the fly line not only over each wheel, but around each wheel. It must make a circle around the wheels. I had to play with this to make it work. A person could allow the drive wheel bolt to be cut off, and attach the drill/motor directly to the bolt. It would keep you from adding the additional belt. That was an afterthought. The entire thing was built for under $30.00, and that included the drill, purchased used from the local pawn shop.

This little set up can be made with six cups (the cups are one inch plastic caps for Schedule 40 stuff, with a hole drilled in the center. The cup is then drilled with 4 little holes, and little pegs are used to hold the rubber bands. These little holes need to be drilled right at 90 degrees on the circle, or the rubber bands won't " X " at the center.

I ended up changing the drill out, using a regular drying motor from Cabelas.

Jerry Andrews Dryer 01

Jerry Andrews Dryer 02

Jerry Andrews Dryer 03



Frank Stetzer's Drying Tube

Frank Stetzer's Drying Tube

I took a long aluminum rod tube and wrapped it with the heating elements from an electric heating pad and wrapped that with some fiberglass insulation.  It maintains an internal temperature of about 150 degrees F.  It hangs above the workbench and keep strips dry in the summertime.  It also dries soaked strips in just a couple of hours.


Stephen Dugmore Rod Turner

Stephen Dugmore Rod Turner 01

Stephen Dugmore Rod Turner 02

Stephen Dugmore Rod Turner 03

Stephen Dugmore Rod Turner 04


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