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So, I am rounding the corner on building my binder. I have one final piece to mill, the cradles. I mocked one up just to make sure everything is functioning properly. With the way it is currently set up,  my bindings are applying at exactly 1/8" apart. Is this too tight? Most I have seen look to be spaced further apart.

Now, I am really not set up to be milling parts (Metal, delrin etc.) so I am considering myself lucky to have all my body parts are still attached and functioning!! I did however take a lathe chisel twice to the face (Didn't learn with the first fat lip) and while drilling some brass on a bench top drill press the bit caught, ripped the vise out of my hands, then as it was coming back around, smacked the top of my hand which immediately started to swell and bruise!! I hit the stop button before it got me the second time around!!  Bent the vise screw as well!! Needless to say, my metal lathe, drill press and new vise will be shipping in about a week!!! I have never had so much fun getting hurt!!!  (Paul McRoberts)

    Glad you're enjoying it Paul, there's plenty more to come. If you think paper cuts get sore, wait until you get your first bamboo cuts. They redefined sore for me.  (Will Price)

    I see Paul is going to be a contender for the coveted Nunley Award.

    1/8th inch wraps on your binder is pretty tight but certainly usable.  (Mike Shay)

      Hi Paul, mine are .5 in from outside edge to outside edge.

      Plenty of grip.  (Jerry Foster)

      Yeah Mike, but don't forget, you set the bar pretty high last year with your hot varnish incident. Now do we hand out permanent awards or is it like the Stanley Cup, where you just get your name engraved on it and only keep possession of it until the next winner is announced.  (Will Price)

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