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A hacksaw works, but make sure there is no rod in the tube before you cut. This is one of the few things that did not happen to me, but it did happen to someone a few years back. I actually do not know who it was.  (Jeff Schaeffer)

    If not a Nunley, surely this is nominatable for a Numnutz. Only question is, What winner in their right mind would actually come forward to accept it?

    Or are these usually awarded posthumously?  (Steve Yasgur)

      There are funny incidents like this, but this one occurred under circumstances that were not funny. Like, someone waiting for a rod. I think that rods were inserted into tubes, the tube was being measured, then rod out and cut. Shipping boxes were labeled ... (Jeff Schaeffer)

      I use my table saw and a miter fence (set for a 90° cut, of course) and I actually still have all of my fingers.  To be honest, it's been a LONG time since I've made a trip to the E.R.   I think I made Harry Boyd nervous a few times over the past couple of months with some of my methodology, but still, came through all, blood free!!!  (Bob Nunley)

        Now that is good news.  Perhaps you have learned to be just careful enough.  I hope so, even if it does cut into our source of great stories.  (Hal Manas)

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