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Well I have to tell you a story, more like a nightmare. I feel so stupid that I have to find out if I'm the only one that this happened to.

Just finished straightening the butt part of a 7' - 4 weight and was satisfied with it. Grabbed the tip and started to heat  up one of the bends over a small alcohol lamp.

As I was heating it up by rolling it in a back and forth motion and I thought that it was hot enough, I reached for my burning cigarette in the ashtray and "forgot" to pull the tip from the flame of the lamp. When I turned around 12" of the tip was on the bench and the rest was on fire.  Needless to say I was a little upset. I said to the wife, "Don't want to talk about it!" She said, "What don't you want to talk about?" told her my mishap and she laughed till she p... well you know!

Anything like this ever happened to any of you guys?  Please tell me I am not the only one that stupid!  (Michel Lajoie)

    Nope.  It's just you.  (Brian Creek)

      We don't let Brian near open flames.  (Mark Wendt)

    Not yet.  (Neil Savage)

    They do say smoking is bad for your (mental) health. <g>  (Rich Jezioro)

    No! Nothing like that ever happened to me.

    • I have also never planed off my knuckles or caught the end of the spline in the back of the plane and snapped off that spline when I picked up the plane.
    • I have never broken a spline when I got it stuck between the adjustment bolts on my planing form.
    • I do not have 3 rods hanging over my bench i just can't get straighten enough to not be too embarrassed to fish them.
    • I have never mixed up a batch of resorcinol and added a tablespoon of varnish do to a brain fart.
    • I have never twisted a butt section to splinters when i got a dangling shirt sleeve wrapped around the blank when it was spinning in the lathe.
    • I have never forgot I had bamboo baking in the oven when I answered the phone and there was a women with a sultry voice on the line.
    • I have never opened a can of denatured alcohol with a lit pipe in my mouth and nearly pee on myself when I realized what I had done.

What else have I never done? I could go on endlessly. Welcome to the club!   (Timothy Troester)

How about standing on a ladder in front of my drip tube, filtering the finish as it's pouring into the tube, tube's about half full, and all of a sudden, hearing a loud pop.  Looking down, seeing the level of finish in the drip tube rapidly diminishing, the plug with the valve sitting on the shop floor in front of the drip tube, and a huge puddle of finish rapidly expanding to cover the entire shop floor...  Forgot to push the valve plug in far enough to stand against the pressure of the finish in the tube.  Made the shop floor just like a skating rink.  Oh yeah, it was a brand new gallon of spar, too... ;-(  (Mark Wendt)

Bet your floor looked good.  (Rich Jezioro)

Still does.  Two side effects, it keeps the dust down, and it's easier to sweep...  (Mark Wendt)

I usually varnish in my home office which has a carpeted floor and some very stiff fibers in one corner of the room.   Somehow I forgot to put the plug in when I began filling the drip tube.   I was standing there wondering why it was taking more varnish than usual.   Da?   Then there was the time I removed a section from the tube and dropped it on the carpet.  A nice fuzzy look with all manners of tiny green fibers imbedded in the final coat. 

I haven't yet managed to glue the reel seat on backwards (i.e. turned 180), but my friend did.   You got it.  Guides on one side, and directly opposite the reel.   I told him it might change the action in an odd way.  (Bob Milardo)

You're not alone with that one. I've left the valve open and I have also walked away from the can forgetting to put an empty one under the valve. Toyed with idea of varnishing the whole floor, sorta like a concrete sealer.  (Bill Bixler)

Sure is pretty though.  Have a very nice, deep amber shine to my workshop floor.  That is, over the glue bumps and such.  (Mark Wendt)


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