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As I’m using my finely tuned plane, listening to the hum and roughing out my strips, the initial shavings are these fine, sexy wisps and the more I plane (down to the forms) they get larger and larger along with my pile of shavings and I’m getting this beautiful pile of shavings at the bottom of my feet and I keep getting this uncontrollable urge to grab the whole lot of the pile and a jar of Vaseline and run into the bathroom.  Is this normal?

Maybe bamboo snow angels?  Or I can pay some neighborhood kids to stand on my roof and empty bags of shavings all over me in the rain while singing “You Are So Beautiful,” Joe Cocker style.  Any other ideas?  (Kris Fox)

    Sounds completely normal to me.  (Tom Key)

    I was using them for mulch for a while but the birds picked up the shavings and then they were dangling from all the trees and gutters in the neighborhood. the neighbors did not appreciate that much. I thought of bagging the shavings and selling them as rod kits. They do not do well as hamster bedding. the hamsters do not like them. Now I just bag them and set them on the curb with the trash.  (Timothy Troester)

    Another hopeless caniac!  (Larry Puckett)

    Time for professional help. . .call 911. . .(Chris Obuchowski)

    "Is there something wrong with me?"

    Yes, next time you get the "urge" and it involves Vaseline please keep it to your self...(Dave Collyer)

    They make great fire starters.  (Steve Dugmore)

    Burning them in a fire pit / place makes a black sooty mess as well - The neighbors didn't appreciate the smell much neither.  (Pete Van Schaack)

    Empirical and scientific data supports Astro-Glide as a much better lubricant when bamboo curls are involved.

    Oh, BTW, curls make a great packing material. My advice, just leave 'em on the floor to impress your friends how busy you really are.  (Mike Shay)

      BTW, they're making Astroglide with flavors now.  Or so I've heard...  (Mark Wendt)

        Dude, that is so wrong. That has to be  illegal in some state. If you lay down with bamboo you wake up with... err... splinters?  (Scott Bearden)

          Not with Astroglide.  Besides, it was Shay that brought it up in the first place.  (Mark Wendt)

            I was JUST sayin'!

            Besides...don't all of us here love bamboo in our own 'special' way?  LOL  (Mike Shay)

              Uh...  Sure Mike, sure...  ;-)  (Mark Wendt)

                Well, I guess that none of you want to hear about genetically enhanced, inflatable bamboo and red lipstick?

                Todd'll be begging for this one for the next Power Fibers issue!

                No? I guess there's something wrong with me...don't come to the shop.

                How quickly your opinion changes Mark. I had no idea there were any flavors of Astro-glide!  Looking into it now, thank you!

                Has anyone tried Purina Bachelor Chow? I'm hearing it's pretty good.

                Say...let's just keep this off list and stick with the subject.

                What was the subject again? LOL  (Mike Shay)

                  The subject was Astroglide and bamboo... (Mark Wendt)

                    Maybe its just me, but using something that reduces the friction and combining it with a material that has a tendency to cut, slice and splinter any how sounds like the makings of a Nunleyism of the worst order. So I will pass on the same advice my father gave to me, "I can't keep you from doing it, but don't come crying back to me if it falls off because you were not protected".  (Scott Bearden)

                      So, your strips wear "raincoats" while you're planing?  (Mark Wendt)

                        Why risk impregnation?  ;) (Scott Bearden)

                          It might be necessary, if the wood's a little "punky."  ;-) (Mark Wendt)

              Now that is an idea for a program at next years CRR  :-P  (Lowell Davis)

                What happens in the shop, STAYS in the shop!  (Ray Wallace)

                  Especially Shay's shop...  ;-)  (Mark Wendt)

                The poor trouties...(Mark Wendt)

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