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Okay, I have been scratching my head on this Garrison 201 guide layout. But finally after some tweaking with the numbers, I think I have come up with some numbers that make sense and progressively get smaller as they march out towards the tip. So, in all my excitement, I started to tape the guides on. Well, a 1/0 snake slipped out of my hand, and out of habit, I quickly closed my legs to keep it from hitting the floor, you guessed it, a 1/0 snake impaled into the soft tissue on the inside of my legs!! Not one but BOTH!! Did I mention I am wearing shorts?? Oh well, add it to the joys and scars of bamboo. I might also mention that another advantage of Snake Brand guides is that they are easily removed from flesh without any guide foot prep whatsoever, just straight from the package!!  (Paul McRoberts)

    Just consider them "barbless."  (Mark Wendt)

    Maybe that qualifies you for the contest that Jeff Schaeffer started back up! What say Jeff? Does that get Paul on the list? At least it wasn't the stripper guide, that would’ve went a little deeper and left a bigger hole. It gets better Paul, Honest.  (Will Price)

      Well, Jeff is the final arbiter, to be sure, but really, there was no mention of stitches, super glue, shellac, or a frequent flyer card at the local emergency room!  (Larry Blan)

        Points well taken Larry. I might have been too hasty.  LOL   (Will Price)

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