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I was working on a new rod wrapping stand last Friday.  I'm joining an upright and base with biscuits and checked to make sure the slot for the biscuit wouldn't be visible anywhere.  Fine.  Cut the slot for the upright, no problem.  Went  to cut the slot into the base and ran into an entirely new problem for me so I'll pass on two bits of advice.

1.  Make sure your work piece is thicker than  the depth of the slot you are cutting.

2.  When ignoring rule no. 1, don't have your  finger holding the work piece directly in the path of the blade.

Looking back on it, it all seems pretty simple.  As a matter of fact, as soon as the biscuit cutter finished cutting the remainder of the slot through my finger it became really obvious.  Remember now, this isn't just a nice slice like most edged tools I get careless with, this one cuts a gouge maybe 1/8" wide.  We're talking missing meat here.

Anyway, after a trip to the emergency room and four stitches I can't recommend the experiment.  Take my word for it.  By the way, the shot of lydocaine in the tip of my finger wasn't a lot of fun either.

So like the sergeant used to say on 'Hill Street  Blues', "Be careful out there."

Old too fast, wise too slow.  (Ed Berg)


    You qualify!

    Send pic's.

    See you and 1/8 less finger in Dunsmuir!  (Mike Shay)

      Yeah, whatever is left of me will be at  Dunsmuir.  See you then.  (Ed Berg)

    Measure once cuss twice!  Or as the old man said, "Dang!  This is the second time I cut this piece and it's still too short."  Won't go into my adventures with a buck saw.  :^)    (Darrol Groth)

      Well, live and learn.   I'm just trying to keep  on doing both.   Buck saw?  Ouch!  (Ed Berg)

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