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Does this qualify for a Nunley nomination?

I was standing out in the morning sun (better light) checking the final finish on my latest rod for any dust specks or blems when I smelled something burning.  About the same time I noticed a small puff   of   smoke  rising  from  my  left  breast  area  -  I'll  be  a son-of-a-gun if I wasn't about to set myself on fire.  When I do fine work I wear a HF magnifier lens that clips to the bill of my cap (I love it), but I never considered that when the sun was at just the right angle it would concentrate the rays and burn whatever is at the focal point. (Just like we did when we were kids and burned bugs - don't lie, you know you did).  Well, I was burning holes in my polar fleece vest.  Stupid is as stupid does!  (Tom Key)

    Come on Tom, you've been around long enough to know the rules......trip to the ER, or at least blood!!

    Now if you had lost a body part to that beam of light..........

    Glad you're all still here!  (John Dotson)

    At least you had the presence of mind to keep the focus the hell off’n yer beautiful final finish!!

    “Fleece may come and fleece may go, but flawless varnish is a treasure!”  I hereby donate this to the Nunley Arson Committee for engraving of the annual award trophy (that was a bronzed fire extinguisher, right?).  Hey, no charge.  It’s my privilege to be of service. (Steve Yasgur)

    You can't expect us to believe a story like that, tell him Bob!! Can specks really be found on a rod's finish??  (David Dziadosz)

    I forgot to nominate myself for a Nunley award a few months back.  I was turning a piece of 1.5" aluminum for a ferrule holder to use for broaching and didn't tighten all the jaws on the lathe.  My finger got caught between the dangling aluminum and the tool, and was driving my finger into the tool bit at each rotation until I could reach over and turn the lathe off.

    My wife almost puked, and then made me go to the OR for stitches.   The Novocain didn't work so I felt the first few going in.  Still have no feeling in my finger...but at least it's there.

    Does this qualify me? (Don Peet)

      Stitches and blood, anesthetics and OR sound like a qualification to me...but then again who am I to judge....after all nothing got lodged in your bum.  (Steve Dugmore)

        although . . . . although . . .

        . . . the ER attending was heard to mumble something about another rodmaker making an ass of himself, so doesn't that address your concern????  (Steve Yasgur)

        I'd like to suggest that we rename the Nunley Award.  Bob and I have spent many hours together in the last year and a half, and as far as I know other than a knee replacement he has not had a stitch.  Perhaps age has mellowed him.  Or maybe his beloved bride is a positive influence.

        What if we were to call this the "van Schaak"???  (Harry Boyd)

          A perfect substitute!! :)  (Al Baldauski)

          Or perhaps we could de-personalize it and designate the recognition as the Numnutz Award!  (Steve Yasgur)

        Are you insinuating about a certain happenstance that caused great pain for a feller who lives somewhere north of NYC?  Hmmm, wonder who that could be....  (Mark Wendt)

      "The judges have their scores!"

      Carrie Ann Inaba:


      Len Goodman:


      Bruno Tonioli:


      (At least, that's what I heard on the street)  (Steve Yasgur)

      Ayup, sure does.  Were pictures taken?  (Mark Wendt)

      Technically you qualify.  You should research the old archives or read the book "Extreme Rodmaking" by Bob Nunley.  There is usually a good deal of humor involved in the incident that leads to a Nunley Award. Just a thought.  (Hal Manas)

    My apology goes out to all who have won a Nunley in the past, or at least been nominated - and especially to The Man.  I should know better than to bring up the award without having made a trip to emergency, given blood, lost an appendage, or at the very least called 911.  I'll make sure not to make the same mistake twice - either one.....trying to set myself on fire or invoking a Nunley  without suffering at the proper level. (Tom Key)

      No apology needed. Many Newbies have tried to achieve/earn the coveted/prestigous Nunley Award! 

      Keep up the good work.  (David Dziadosz)

      Ego te absolvo, Dude-O

      For your penance, say ten ‘Hail Hirams’ and send pictures of your beautiful finish to Bob.  (Steve Yasgur)

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