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Guys, For those of us new, what happened to Bob Nunley?  Thanx  (Darrol Groth)

    What hasn't happened to Bob Nunley? The man has more lives than a cat, and twice as many battle scars to prove it. For a more insightful, firsthand account of the travails of Bob Nunley, read his book, Extreme Flyfishing.  (Martin-Darrell)

    For your sake, and those others not familiar with me, best advice is to STAY AWAY!  I inherited, from my Father, a tendency to get into trouble... physical trouble.  During my 15 years as a rodmaker, I've been soaked from head to toe with varnish, fallen down waterfalls,  had a skull fracture in the shop, been hit in the face by a flying (fast flying) 4X4 piece of the prettiest maple burl I've ever owned as it was propelled from a table saw, etc, etc, etc.  The list goes on.  Only the bravest of the brave actually come to visit my shop... Harry Boyd, Troy Miller, Mike Shaffer, Dave Collyer, Jerry Madigan, Dave Henney and a select few others.  JoJo (M-D) lived only a 3 hours away for many years... kept promising to visit, but I think the jokes about a tour of the shop followed by a trip to see the plaque dedicated to me in the local Emergency Room kind of scared him off!  Most, if they're in the area, might call, but having heard the stories, they make up some excuse like "Well, I'm only two blocks away, but I'm really rushed for time so I just can't stop and visit...".  I think it's probably a well founded fear for their own safety. Those who have visited here, while I'm sure the first while was a bit nerve racking, have found out that I'm only a danger to myself, not others!  Besides, I assure anyone who might visit, I have a first aid kit rivaled only by the equipment at the Hospital ER!  You'll be safe, and if you aren't, I've become very proficient at closing wounds, stopping blood flow, retrieving body parts from behind benches... I'm not very good at setting broken bones (yet), but I make a helluva splint!


    Band Aid Bob (Nunley, that is)

      The first time I saw Bob without bandages on his face I did not recognize him. When he told me his name I said, are you sure. LOL  (Tony Spezio)

        I’ve never met Bob,  but I seem to have found some pictures of him.  (Tom McQuade)

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