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I got home last night and found my dip tube had fallen over and the top piece of PVC broke.  A quart of Helmsman all over the floor in the shop.

But I did learn something other than not to use masking tape to hold the tube to the bench.  After two years in the tube, there were no solids at the bottom of the tube.  I have not stirred or otherwise mixed the varnish in the tube.  Guess I shouldn't worry about mixing up the varnish in the tube.  (Scott Grady)

    Look at this way, the nice smooth floor will make it easier to clean up in the future.

    I just made a new dip tube and made a cap that seals the varnish in the tube and removes the air. Very easy to make and use. The cap is made from HDMP. Turned a cylindrical piece about 2" long and slightly smaller in diameter of the dip tube. Turned two grooves for  "O" rings near the top and bottom. Drilled a 1/16" weep hole off center through top to bottom and taped and installed an eye bolt in the center of the top for a handle. To use: push the cap down till a small amount of varnish comes out the weep hole. Wipe off the varnish that comes out and insert a tooth pick in the weep hole. No air inside.....  (Don Schneider)

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