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Darn!  I would be dangerous if I had any intelligence!  After finishing the lettering for my brothers rod yesterday, I took the pens I had used, four (000, 00, 0, and 1), to the sink to clean them.  I picked up the alcohol can from the garage for the alcohol wash.  The lettering set was a new (never used)  $300 set that I purchased on eBay for $30.  Yesterday was just the second time I had used it.

I started disassembling each pen and rinsing under water and dropping them into a glass about half full of alcohol(?).  I was just dropping the last one in the alcohol(?) when SWMBO walked in and started growling about using the glass.  I glanced over at the pens and they were melting.  I quickly got them out and rinsed them off but they were totally ruined.  Just a glob of assorted plastic.  Looked like the inside of a bait casters tackle box where the rubber worms had become tangled with the casting baits.  A real mess.

I couldn’t understand what had happened.  I thought about it for a while and went back to the garage.  There was the partially filled alcohol can I thought I had used on the pens.  I thought about it some more and remembered mixing acetone and alcohol a couple of years ago and used to prepare some aniline dye.  It was supposed to have been dumped and the can thrown into the trash.  Instead the thing had hid in my solvent supplies just waiting for it’s chance.  Yesterday it got it.  Back to eBay.  (Onis Cogburn)

    A good cautionary tale Onis. As bad as it was, think about what might have happened if you or someone else had tried to use it for fuel in an alcohol lamp. I've been just as guilty, so this isn't preaching to you, but it's a really bad idea to keep stuff around in mislabeled containers. I read a newspaper account once about a guy who put some excess antifreeze in a beer can and left it in his garage.  Later a friend came along and took a sip from the can. He promptly keeled over dead, Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze being a potent poison, even in small amounts.  (Tom Smithwick)

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