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The way I was taught, flat means flat and check this.

I'll have a few made up if anyone wants one.

Flat sanding, flat plane sole, flat means flat and I can appreciate that.  (Adam Trahan)

    But should the flats really be really be flat?  Sanding the radius off the strip removes several thousandths of an inch of power fibers from the middle of the flat, particularly in the butt of quads.  By using a sanding block with an internal radius similar to the radius of the culm those can be preserved.  (Bill Lamberson)

      This was an offering to the list, not an absolute "this is the way it should be"

      A question was asked, I offered one answer.

      I recently acquired a fly pole for fishing salt water. For so many years I've been fishing the salt with very fast graphite rods. Recently, I've taken to fish all bamboo and beyond that, all silk lines. I ended up with a Orvis Shooting Star and a Fin Nor AR #3. I tried to buy a silk line from Olaf but he wouldn't sell it to me unless I had done some experimentation with what line I liked casting on the Shooting Star. I did do that and in the process, I ended up choosing a plastic line for the salt, hopefully the only plastic line in my quiver but that's a whole other story on choices.  I think I can live with one PVC line on one reel.


      Anyway, the point of this is that the rod really "wooshes" in the air during a cast. Round graphite shafts do not woosh so much. Is it the facets of the bamboo that generate the turbulence (drag) during the casting stroke that generate the woosh?

      I'm thinking so and the Orvis rod has a rounded angles on the rod more so than other larger bamboo rods that I've cast (and wooshed).

      I'm young to this craft, excited about learning, sharing. I have a life long love of fishing, most of it is in fly fishing and in all mediums, I'm very young to making, only into my first rod but no less enthused.

      I know the beauty of flat, looking down the blank and seeing a mirror sheen without chatter marks, it's absolutely beautiful and knowing how to make a rod, the due diligence in obtaining that flat is just an added step in the process.

      Should it be flat?

      I don't know, should it?

      Answering a question with a question is cool, it generates conversation and that's what I'm looking to be a part of.

      I think flat means flat but then again, I'm just a neophyte trying to garnish some good information from this list of which I appreciate everyone who writes to it. I decided to write to it on a tip that a friend has taught me. I'm only looking to help, hope I haven't opened a can of worms for anyone.

      Thanks for writing and to answer your question from a new to making perspective, I've seen everything from flat sided hex to just about rounded bamboo fly rod cross sections. It was my experience in casting them that there was merit to all of choices.

      It's all about choices for me. (Adam Trahan)


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