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Here is a tidbit for some of the new builders, find some 3/8" to 1/2" thick glass 12" wide for a large fish tank 4-6' long is the cat's patootie for straightening glued up blanks, you will have to get it from a aquarium builder, check the pet shops that carry lots of fish, should cost about $40-50 and it's money well spent. (John Pickard)


It takes some guys several tries, making the same mistakes over and over again to finally figure it out, well I'm one of them. A week or so ago I planed out and glued up a tip section. I rolled it around on the table while the URAC was still wet and straightened it and aligned the flats till it looked pretty good. Then I decided to hang it from the ceiling with a couple of pounds of weight just to make sure it was going to be straight. The next day I cut it down from the ceiling and scraped the glue off. It was then that I noticed that it was not only not straight but had a twist in it also. Well, not being too smart to begin with, I was baffled, and began planing out another as a replacement tip. Don't you know, I did exactly the same thing again, only this time I sighted down the hanging/wet strip and saw that the flats were no longer aligned and had developed a definite twist.

QUESTION:   How do  you dry your sections straight??  (Don Greife)

    Just fire up your heat gun and straighten it out. If you figure out away to get perfect sections every time, be sure to let me know!!  (John Channer)

    How are you attaching the weight/hanging end Don.  I use a paper clip. Straighten except one of the "U" bends and cut both ends the same length so I have a "U" with long legs.  I bend each leg out about 1/4 inch from the end so it doesn't slip out from under my thread.  I then position it so that it straddles the end of the blank then I wrap it with quilting thread.  I do the same thing with the other end.  I check for straightness and straighten if necessary, hang it from the ceiling by one end and hang a weight through the paper clip "U" from the other end.  If you don't get the load equally split on each side of the blank it will not hang straight.  (Onis Cogburn)


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