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I have a problem concerning a dip tube.  What can you do if you have a rod section that is longer than your dip tube?

The best idea is better planning. Right.  Too late now.  (Tom Peters)

    If You haven't put guides on it yet, You could try the filmbox/latex trick.

    Take a film box and cut the a hole in the bottom, stretch a piece of latex over it, punch a small hole in the latex. Now put the section in the hole and hang it on a cup hook, fill the box with varnish and slowly move it down the section.  (Danny Twang)

    I had the same problem; tip section 3" too long for the tube. I lowered the section to the bottom of the tube and, using an artist brush, applied a heavy coat of varnish from the tube to the exposed portion. I let it set for about five minutes, allowing the excess varnish to run off, and then started raising the section normally. Worked great, no visible difference between the brushed and dipped portions.  (Will Jette)

    You might try dipping the rod from both ends. If you're very careful you might just get away with it. I'd try dipping so that on the final coat you end up lowering the rod into the varnish so that you stop in the middle of a guide wrap. Then when you extract the rod you'll end up with a noticeable varnish line right in the middle of the wrap. I'd then sand this varnish line out with 2000 grit paper and hand varnish this wrap. I think it'll work?  (Jim Bureau)

      As usual, a good idea.

      Since only tip sections are likely a problem, I would make the seam near the tip where the "line" will be narrower and easier to hide.  (Jerry Young)

        I was thinking make the seam where you will be wrapping a guide. It would be easy to hide there.  (Bob Maulucci)

    Depending on how long a section you need, why don't you use an 8 foot fluorescent tube protector as a dip tube?  If you need a shorter length, you can cut it down; since it's clear, you can see what you're doing when you dip.  Your biggest problem will be adequate clearance to cleanly withdraw the section you're dipping.  Since the diameter's so small, remember to leave room for displacement of varnish when you dip.  Not a problem with the tip, but I overflowed the first time I dipped a butt section.  (Greg Kuntz)

      Another variation on that theme is to cut a 4 foot length of  fluorescent tube protector in 1/2 ,attach it to another 4 foot with a PVC sleeve with glue giving you 6 foot of dip tube  which is easier to clear in a room than 8 ft.  (Rich McGaughey)

    I don't know how short the tube is compared to the  rod section, but you may be able to try Ian Kearney's trick of adding a clear plastic sleeve. You can see some pics on Todd's page.  (Callum Ross)


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