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I could use some help finding a resource.  Do any of you know where I can get a book on impregnating. I am making two 8 ft 7 wt rods for saltwater fishing and wish to build one rod varnished and the other impregnated. both will be hollow built. is there any changes that I should make to the taper if impregnated?  (John Vitella)

    I am not aware of any book on impregnating and don't recall if Bob Milward addresses it, but I'll take a shot at a qualitative answer to your question.  I have used impregnation for a few rods.  Depending on the method used there may be an increase in weight of the rod.  The effect of the weight is greater at the tip than at the butt, I suppose because it has a greater range of motion during casting.  That weight tends to slow the rod action, in some respects similarly to using a heavy set of guides.  The impregnating agent may have other effects on the action as well, I don't know.  To account for the weight effect and achieve an action similar to that of a varnished version of the same taper, the taper should be modified to speed the rod up a bit.  How much?  It depends on the amount of weight added.  (Bill Lamberson)


I am preparing to make an Orvis 1 piece. I am considering impregnating it with acetone / Plexiglas.

Where do you get  the Plexiglas? Didn't Bob Nunley write this process up  in Power Fibers? I looked in the archive as well as Power Fibers and got nothing (unless it is the issue with a password that I can't open).  (Rex Tutor)

    Some hardware stores, and most lumber yards sell it in various sizes.   (Martin-Darrell)

    Make sure it is Plexiglas.  Home Depot sells Plexiglas and Lowes sells Lexan or something like that and will substitute if you don't emphasize Plexiglas.  The stuff at Lowes won't work.  (Onis Cogburn)

      Good point, Onis. Plexiglas is an acrylic, Lexan is a polycarbonate.  (Martin-Darrell)

    OK, I found some clear, unlabeled plastic which I believed to be Plexiglas.  I made a syrup of it in acetone, and I'm soaking some wood in it now.  How could I tell if this is actually Lexan?  (Grayson Davis)

      Lexan is a lot tougher. The glass place tells me that if you score (try to cut part way through) the Plexiglas will break at the cut much easier.  Lexan is, again, a lot tougher so it is harder to break.  Hope this helps a little.  (Randall Gregory)

      You will have a fine time trying to break Lexan. The stuff can be literally bulletproof.  Any plastic you buy for windows should say whether it is acrylic. Acrylics can be readily broken, and dissolve in acetone/MEK. The same cannot be said of polycarbonates, though they are solvent to a lesser degree.  (Martin-Darrell)

      If it melted in the Acetone, then it's Plexi. Lexan doesn't cooperate!  (Bob Nunley)


Does anyone have any experience with the resin impregnated rods?   I had found a web site where the builder impregnates his rods and also if I remember will impregnate rods for a price. Comments?  It's bound to make a rod heavier.  (John Silveira)

    Impregnating a rod, will change the weight and action of the rod, depending on the impregnation process.

    I have a friend who impregnates my blanks for me when I want  a set done, but what he uses, doesn't add any weight or does it change the action of the rod. He spent many years trying different solutions and processes and finally came up with this.

    It works very well. The blank is sealed all the way thru right to the center. The rod is impervious to any moisture getting into the rod. I was very impressed when he did a set of blanks for me to test. I wouldn't hesitate to have him do more blanks for me. But, I don't like the "STD" impregnation processes that have been used over the years, with Bakelite resin, etc. They DO add weight and also change the rods action and feel.  (Dave LeClair)


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