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Our local supplier of Man O War spar varnish has discontinued that line. Instead they now stock Val Spar exterior spar varnish (which is made by the same company as MOW).  The varnish is very clear and a bit thicker consistency than MOW.  I was wondering if anyone has used this varnish on bamboo rods and if so do you thin it (and how much) for dipping?  (Tom Mohr)

    As a start it is best with most products not to thin more than 10 percent. This again is just a starting point.  You need to fool around a bit to get it just right.  You do not want to thin too much. It can only make the film finish weaken in the long run.  With spar one usually only thins the first coat. All the others are full strength out of the can.  (Daniel Durocher)

      With the new VOC varnish formulations you may need to thin more than this.  I talked to a rep for Val Spar and they said that under the new law they could not recommend thinning.  When I told him it was for a craft application he said the law did not apply here, and that you needed to thin the varnish with mineral spirits until it flowed well enough to give you the coating you need.  (Brian Creek)


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