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Just getting ready to wrap rod #1 (PHYAR)  I know some varnishes are available with amber or walnut oil to slow the wrap varnish drying rate.  Can walnut oil be mixed with spar and turps (say a couple of drops to a 50/50 mix) in order to produce a slow drying wrap varnish to preserve clarity and eliminate micro bubbles?  If so could olive oil or peanut oil also be used?  I'm planning on using gossamer and turning the sections in a rotisserie while the wraps dry before final varnishing with 'normal' spar.  (Nick Kingston)

    I know it's heresy to some, but if you want a translucent wrap without  complicated  mixing  and  long  drying   times,   use Flex-Coat-Lite thinned with a little denatured alcohol for the first wrap   coat.   Varnish  coats  are  compatible  on  top  of  the Flex-Coat-Lite.  (Winston Binney)

      Complicated alchemy mixtures and long drying times are part of the fun for me  :-)   Does the Flex-Coat-Lite not make a (comparatively) thick coat?  (Nick Kingston)

        I coat the wraps fairly heavily, allow the epoxy to soak in well, then go back with a dry brush (as the blank turns in a rod turner) and remove most of it. If the build up is too thick it can be sanded flat using 1000 grit paper on a Popsicle stick.  (Winston Binney)

          OK, and you thin with methylated spirits/denatured alcohol correct?  How  does this affect drying time,  workability and long-term clarity? I was told that thinned epoxy was more susceptible to yellowing in sunlight?  (Nick Kingston)

      I had heard about this technique recently but acetone was recommended as the material to thin the epoxy.  Obviously the alcohol works for you.  (Gary Marshall)

    My suggestion is to wrap different color threads & types on a test stick. Use what ever concoction you wish to cover them and see which you like. Try some with/without CP to see the difference. Olive and peanut oil wouldn't be my first choice, but who knows until you try.  (Don Schneider)

      Yeah, I have the test stick ready.  I'm hoping someone has made up their own witches brew and can say if the oils: a) mix, b) dry, and c) work!  Lazy or what?  (Nick Kingston)


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