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So what is the easy way of reading the dial indicator. I suppose I am a bit confused. When the gauge is zeroed via the 1/8 " hole method, or the .1155 caliper method, the zero reading is the reading you would get if laying your dial base on a flat surface. So in case your point is not a true point, rounded a bit, you still can measure the V groove. Does anyone know 0f a inexpensive backwards reading gauge?  Or do we just count backwards on the dial. (Mark Bowlen)

    The face of the gauge should have two sets of numbers opposite of one another.  One set is in bold and the other in a smaller size. One set is to read in one direction and the other set is to read in the opposite direction. The zero will be .100, .090 will be .010 and .090, .020 will  be .080 and .020 etc.

    If you have a face with only one set of numbers I would recommend you get a gauge with two sets of numbers. They can be had for as little as 10.00, these are fine for what we do. Harbor Freight and J&L has them on sale now.  (Tony Spezio)


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