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I just got info on Rhino glue, and it said, and I quote, "bonds stronger, faster and tougher for LONGER WORK TIME, shorter clamp time and better resistance to extreme weather. . . "

Okay guys, how's a faster bond translate into a longer work time? Am I dense, or is my mother tongue deserting me?  (Art Port)


    That should say it all!

    According to URAC, working time is the time for a glue to set in the open air.

    Clamp time is the time to set with pressure applied. (It is much shorter, I assume this is due to the thinner glue line thickness).  (Jerry Foster)

    That's marketing Art!

    If you are confused but THINK you know what it means then I have you.  They are both true depending on which one you are looking for. I have no idea how it actually works but it must be good stuff.  (Gordon Koppin)

    I think one deserves some testing, put a little on your tongue, bite down and see how long it takes to set. Might work a bit like crazy glue, put a drop on your fingers and you can touch them together a couple of times and then once more and they're stuck.  (Pete Van Schaack)


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