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All, I thought I would share with you this experience.  I needed to replace some ferrules I glued on a rod a year ago.  They got goofed up.  The rod wasn't hurt.  I have been thinking about changing my ferrule adhesive due to some recent discussions about epoxy longevity.  First I used heat, just a little at first.  I used my lighter.  Then I used my alcohol lamp.  This was not working so I used a can of freeze spray.  I froze these rascals. no luck.  I decided that I would pull off the tabs.  Then I used an alcohol lamp again.  No go!  More freeze spray.  Would not budge.  I got out my  Dremel and used a diamond burr and cut the ferrules to pieces.  Guess what!  I had to pry every single little piece off the rod with a pocket knife razor blade and pliers.  It just seems to me that the epoxy was working fine.  I have some more epoxy to use before I rethink the ferrule adhesive issue again.  (Timothy Troester)

    What you want to do is put the whole section in the freezer for 2 hours. Then heat the ferrule with a heat gun (Low setting is fine) for about 10-15 seconds.  The ferrule will pull of with ease.

    It's really kind of scary how easy it is and it doesn't seem to matter what brand of epoxy used.  I still think epoxy works well for ferrules (No returns yet). I routinely cast rods in the winter months & even at -10 degrees I've haven't had a failure.  I don't think their is a clear best glue for ferrules.  (Dave Kenney)


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