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What's everyone using to attach tip tops?

I've a couple of options:

Ferrule glue, 5 minute epoxy, super glue and glue gun hot melt glue Anyone care to give some pros and cons on these? Or any alternatives?  (Nick Kingston)

    I prefer to use Ferrule-Tite.  It can be purchased through a golf shop that makes custom clubs.  Or, Golden Witch sells it too (if you want to wait on the slow boat to OZ).  (Joe Byrd)

    Why not use a simple heat type glue like Fuji Hot Melt Glue. Works with the heat gun or a lamp. If you fish your rods, the guide most likely to break is the tip, and it is nice to be able to replace it easily without threat to the fine bamboo tip.

    On the denatured alcohol, it is probably too high a grade, but you can get a pure alcohol, water free from:

    SA & T Stimson Pty Ltd
    21 Mullins Street, Balamin (Sydney)
    tel: 02 9810 1007

    It's used for making shellac which in turn is half the mixture, with Tung oil, for the rub in varnish that some like. They also sell the yellow or brown shellac flakes for the shellac mixture.  (Sean McSharry)

    I use Flexcoat Tip Top Glue. It's a hot melt glue, but harder than the usual hot melt glues. Ferrule-Tite would be a good alternative. The reason I use it - although it has never happened to me yet - an emergency repair streamside would be a snap. Put it back on and a little heat from one of the emergency waterproof matches I carry just in case, and it's fixed.

    In fact I use the same Tip Top glue to put on my ferrules and I haven't had one come off yet.   (Darryl Hayashida)

      I've been using ferrule cement, first acquired from Herter's many years ago and Fred Bear Archery lately, and have yet to have a failure with it in over 20 years.  (Jack Follweiler)

    I was taught to use hot melt glue.  I like the idea that it is easy to remove in a pinch.  (Greg Dawson)


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