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UHU Endfest 300...

Curious name, it's German and I thought that UHU was German for a raptor called an "Eagle Owl", whatever that might be.

Anyway, my good friend Luke could stand my resorcinol glue lines no more and doffed me a pack to try.  This was last year but these things take time.  To use its just like Araldite, too gloopy and messy for words. Its advantage may be that when you've glued up and straightened, five minutes in the oven at 350 f sets it off rock hard and I do mean rock hard. (I can't find any reference to heat treating other epoxies except that I recall seeing similar figures for Araldite years ago, now they say don't take it over 50c, which is a bit cautious.)  Consequently, it is a right bastard to clean off.  You need a file, scraper, sander and probably an industrial grit blaster.  So, either there has been an improbably miraculous improvement in my planing skills or a clear glue makes them less obviously crap.  Under times ten magnification it seems to be a bit of both.

Fortunately the nodeless project will need the Resorcinol, so Luke can carry on squirming for a bit yet.  In the UK it is apparently available from some Morrisons stores, but not mine. You can get it from Sylmasta though in sun sea and sex drenched Haywards Heath. Near which I once lived. You can Google up their web site, the stuff is very cheap.  (Robin Haywood)

P.S.  Why was it some of you told me I shouldn't use West System stuff again?

    Just a bit more info for those interested in the endfest 300 thread I've used it on several rods with out any concerns.

    According to the UHU tech data sheet it has a working life (period of usability) of 1 1/2 hrs at 20c

    I cure the glued up rod in an oven at 180 c for about 5 minutes I then glue the ferrules on and cure at 100 c for 10 minutes. The temp range for the glue is from -40 to 80 c. Though they say that it can withstand higher temperatures max 200c.

    I use a butane gas blow lamp set very low for straightening. But I'm sure that the steam iron would be fine and will give the method ago on the next rod.  (Luke Bannister)

      According to UHU you have to keep the mixing ratio then to 100:50 the tensile transverse resistance will be higher at 150 ° C 20 minutes and 130 °C also 20 minutes and as high at 150 °C 10 minutes.  (Christian Meinke)



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