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I've got this silly idea to make a rod with a detachable handle.  An example would be the Payne shown in the Gnome's book.  My question relates to the ferrule at the rod/grip junction.  Would I be better off using an oversize ferrule for this purpose?  Let's say I've got a rod with a flat-to-flat measurement at the grip of .250".  That would be a 16/64 ferrule.  But I'm concerned that the amount of rounding to fit a 16 would weaken the rod at that point, with the the stress induced by the entire length of the rod levering at the ferrule.  Would you go up a size?  Or build up the station so there's no or minimal cutting into the corners?  (Bill Benham)

    Two thoughts: first, if you don't cut down the rod below the flat to flat dimension you won't weaken the rod. Secondly, the stress at the handle is quite low anyway so don't be too concerned.  (Ray Gould)


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