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Sounds like Vaseline is a preferred release agent for turning cork. Is it necessary to make a special effort to remove the residual Vaseline from inside the cork before gluing up onto the cane?   (Bill Fink)

    You may also use a paste wax on the mandrel, then glue up the rings onto the mandrel.  The grip will stick well enough for turning, and when ready to remove the grip simply hold one end of the mandrel in a vise (aluminum jaw covers) and give quick, small twists along the grip, starting at one end and working towards the other. It will come loose in short order. Just make sure to wax the mandrel well.  (Martin-Darrell)


Well, I redeemed  myself! Built another Garrison style handle today, complete with 18 rings. Cheated this time however, as I did glue up the rings & turned em' down on the lathe, but on a scrap piece of cane!

I used a coating of Vaseline (Old double barrel gun stock inletters trick), and the rings simple slide off, as a complete handle. Slick! Degrease the inside to get rid of the Vaseline residue if any, and hog out the hole a bit for the rod handle, and no problems. No cork flying, no cussing (I'm Catholic, but I did say poop when it happened before),  and no blanks shattered into 16 gazillion pieces. Thanks to those that steered me away from chucking up the actual rod in the lathe. There, I can finally say it without shaking!  (Jerry Andrews)


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