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I haven't seen a discussion of this since joining the list about six months ago.  I've got my strips oversized 0.05 and am ready to heat treat.  I don't think I've read anywhere if this is the right dimension.  It seems the mass of the strips should make a difference.  Also I can't find two authors who agree about length of time and temperature.  The only definitive thing I've read is Nunley saying he can smell when to take the cane out but I don't know what that smell is.  All the rods I've made to date (grand total of 4) I've cranked for 15 minutes at 350.  I saw one post where someone cooked a rod over 400 and said "no problem".  Any advice/thoughts or smell meters are welcome.  (Dennis Aebersold)

    4 minutes per side (reversing direction) at 375. The smell is like cinnamon- a truly wonderful smell.  (Rex Tutor)

    Dennis, you are right, the mass of the strips does indeed make a difference, and heating for 21 minutes 20.432 seconds at 271.5 degrees  may be  fine in  one oven,  but another  may require 271.834 degrees.  Bob Has it right. The time strips heat treat is dependent on the point that the moisture content is brought low enough so that the steamy smell disappears, and is replaced by a pleasant aroma of volatile oils.  Do a little playing and smelling on some scrap to determine the right point. So you may waste a little of your cuttings.  So??  but try it, it does work and it works very accurately so that each batch of cane is treated to the same doneness.  (Ralph Moon)

    If I flame a rod, I have been using the "Garrisonesque" 7 or 8 minutes at 375 with good results. I do all the strips the same size so that the color is the same. I have tried other times on blonde rods with good results (lately, 40 minutes at 310, 30 minutes at 350). Most of the time I flame my rods, so I stick to 7 or 8 minutes @ 375. I figure the shorter the time, the less chances I will forget to flip the strips because I have moved on to something else. I have not had any trouble with sets or brittle cane. It changes the color slightly, not drastically, which I would see as being a bad thing.

    I will say one thing for sure, the only rods I have ever had trouble with are those that are flamed only. I don't care how many sides you flame, a flamed only rod will be softer and may even take a set. A good oven (I have Bret Reiter's) is the best tool I have bought, even if the time and temperature seem at times to be unimportant. The fact that the rods are treated makes all the difference.  (Bob Maulucci)


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