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Last night I found a bound set of set of beveled strips (a pleasant surprise) that I had heat treated sometime last spring (I pretty much do most of my building between January and June - it's nice to have a break for fishing and other hobbies).  The strips have been kept in a PVC tube with desiccant but I'm unsure whether I should heat treat the strips again, maybe for a shorter amount of time or if they are okay to plane as is.  (Bob Williams)

    I keep a five foot long 2 1/2" PVC tube hanging from the ceiling.  Under it is a piece of 2 x 8 with a lamp socket.  Use a large coffee can with both ends cut out, cut out a hole in the plastic lid for the PVC tube.  Use a clear 60 watt bulb. It gives me 90 plus degrees.  Use it all the time I am working on strips.  Especially after planing wet strips in the rough.  Leave them overnight before they go in the oven for tempering.  I believe high temps will damage wet strips.  Don't use a frosted bulb, you wont get as high a temp.  Ask me why.

    I only use the tubes to store strips for long duration.  (Jerry Young)

    I would just use them without heat treating again. The first treatment sets the changes in the lignin and that's supposed to be irreversible.  (Steve Weiss)

    If you have already heat-treated the strips at 300 degrees plus, then it won't hurt at all to heat them for a coupla hours at around 200 degrees, just to be sure.  (Harry Boyd)

    If you've had them sealed really well in a tube with desiccant, I don't see much point in reheating them. You could try heating them at low heat, say 225°F - 300°F for an hour, or two, but in my experience you will not  drive off a tremendous amount of moisture. Since I don't think you'd have a lot of moisture to begin with, I doubt you'd accomplish much.  (Martin-Darrell)


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