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I am looking to purchase a JW Beveler for my shop.  Can I get your thoughts on this machine.  Pros and cons and has anyone used the taper attachment.  (Pete Lawrence)

    I have owned the JW Beveller for quite some time now, and find it indispensable in my shop.  It is well constructed, and Jerry Wall gives great service after sale.  (Joe Byrd)

      I also have a JW Beveller and like it a lot. 

      I also second Joe's comments about Jerry. Great guy.  (Dewey Hildebrand)

      I've used this tool several times in Ron Barch's class.  It works fine, the only caveat is not to take too heavy a cut.  We moved the adjustment knob one turn after each pass, and 1/2 turn for the final pass.  If you try to take too deep a cut, the strip turns into a spear!  Don't ask how I know. This machine makes a "climb cut".  Wear gloves.  (Neil Savage)

      I don't own one, but I have worked with Joe in his shop, and can attest to all he says.  The beveller worked great.  It's very well made, sturdy, and repeatable.  I "borrowed" some ideas from it when I made mine.  (Mark Wendt)

    It is a wonderful tool for straightening and roughing out strips. You can do a heck of a lot with it. If I had one mill, I would use the JW, but I also reacquired a Bellinger Roughing and Tapering Beveller.  It is the flat/squaring bed on the JW that makes it worth its weight in gold. As for just the roughing out, no, it is not as nice as a double cutter machine.  But versatile, yes indeed. (And cheaper as well.)  (Bob Maulucci)


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