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There is a basic difference between having a router mill and hand tools. If you don't have the mill then you must tough it out the hard way. If you have the router, then use it to its full potential. This tool did not exist for some of the old guys, if it did and they understood its potential, I would say they would use it. There is a minimal cost here (no more than a Lie-Nielsen plane) for a good router (1 1/2 hp is recommended)

The Medved style beveler works just fine - only rap on it is noise (router) I use ear protection and the amount of bamboo dust generated - dust collection is a recommended option - JW Beveler solves this problem nicely or use it outside.  (Chris Bogart)


I'm relatively new to rodmaking and this site.  I have to tell you guys though, after reading a couple of your books, and downloading some stuff of the 'net, reading your comments here is almost like hearing voices from the mount or finding a burning bush and 15, no, 10 commandments of rodbuilding. Enough hero worship.

I've copied a beveler like the Medved beveler.  It works ok but it seems to take a long time to rough taper strips. Is there a way to use a 60 degree cutter instead of a straight fluted cutter? If so, where can I get one to fit a 1/4  inch router  collet?  (Charlie Dybus)


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