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For those who have built a Medved beveler, just wondering what methods have been used for mounting the router. What has worked out best?  (John Freedy)

    I mounted the router on my beveler on a 1/4" aluminum plate, which is also the face plate for the front of the beveler where the feed jig is mounted, as is the adjuster and stop screws.  Check out this page on Todd's tip site for other ideas.  (Mark Wendt)

    I started to build the beveler but then decided to use my thickness planer which is working out very well. I have built a number of router-based tools and think you should be able to use the base that comes with the router. Decide where you want to put it in the back plate, then, with the router motor out of the base, clamp the base to the plate and mark the screw holes that are in the base on the plate (you might even want to make a tracing on a piece of a file folder). Drill and countersink holes in the plate for the screws and fasten the base to the back of the plate. I would recommend using an aluminum plate and to drill and tap the holes in the aluminum for the router base.  That should do it.  (Barry Mayer)

    Mark and Barry have done the same things that I have done with my  Medved Beveller. I too used 1/4" aluminum plate, bought a router and removed its plate and used it as a template for the mounting holes. Mark the holes, drill and countersink them and you're in business.  (Bill Bixler)

      It's what I did with mine, but some routers are easier to deplate than others, I found an old one in mothers garage in the end, but its not any too powerful, perhaps that’s good?  (Robin Haywood)


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