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Have any of you guys built a beveler similar to the type Milward discussed in his book? I like the one that uses the router to follow the metal planing forms that we already use or the stationery router unit that uses taper templates. I like the idea of the latter with use of adjustable wooden template patterns.  Anyone built one of this type. Pros Vs cons? Suggestions? I have a Medved type that I will dismantle or retro to follow the new design. All I need is the final tapering version. Already have a rougher.  Any comments would be great.  Would you even bother going the router route for a final tapering machine?  (Randall Gregory)

    I think that Al Medved's laminate trimmer based machine is an even better idea. I am not sure where you could find plans, but they are usually in the gathering pics from when he is there. It will get you pretty close quickly from the demos he and John Long gave at Grayling.  (Bob Maulucci)

    The only down side of Al's machine is that you can't use differential screws or have any bolts sticking out of BOTH sides of the forms. The shafts are too short on the trimmers to reach over those obstructions from the edge to the cane in the center.  (Art Port)

      Does anyone that attended Grayrock (or in the past) this year possibly have a pic or two of Al's laminate/trim router final mill? It's the one that travels along the planing forms. (Randall Gregory)


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